1,003 ViewsWe speak of chronic pain when the pain occurs permanently or regularly in certain parts of the body. Many patients with chronic pain regularly use painkillers so that they can continue to live a normal daily life. The painkillers used are often synthetic, which is associated with major drawbacks. Everything is possible, from a […]



364 ViewsIn this article, you will learn how CBD oil can help with pain, and you will understand the things to consider when taking CBD oil. In addition to some historical facts, we will focus on the effects of CBD and its applications. CBD, short for the term cannabidiol, is one of the natural compounds […]

benefits of vitamin

What are the benefits of vitamin C.?

342 ViewsInteresting, isn’t it? Toronto dermatologist Dr. Sonya Abdulla describes the benefits of vitamin C for your skin, and everything you need to know about this super-ingredient. 1. What is vitamin C? Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is an essential vitamin, which means it unfortunately cannot be produced by the human body. So […]

dietary supplement

What is a dietary supplement?

327 ViewsDietary supplements can be considered as concentrated sources of nutrients. They are used for physiological or nutritional purposes, in particular to compensate for potential dietary deficiencies. This use often concerns people who follow special diets. However, their uses are broader and more widespread still. What is a dietary supplement? As its name suggests, a […]

What is the BEST bodybuilding PROGRAM.?

285 ViewsMany bodybuilding programs contain a multitude of  intensification techniques such as supersets, decreasing series or even forced repetitions. You must know that these techniques of intensifications when they are used randomly, without precise reason, influence negatively on your progress. In order to identify the best bodybuilding program, it is necessary above all to differentiate […]


Can CBD oil be consumed?

424 ViewsCBD oil is a vegetable oil obtained by extraction from the seeds, stems and leaves of hemp. It has a high content of vitamins and fatty acids. According to studies carried out on this essence, it brings several benefits to the body, in particular calming and analgesic effects. It is also muscle relaxant. Nevertheless, […]

bodyweight exercises

7 bodyweight exercises to build muscle.?

1,197 ViewsImagine: your 5 p.m. meeting dragged on (but why are they scheduling 5 p.m. meetings?!), taking with it any hope of getting to the gym. Do not panic ! You can just as easily do bodyweight training and work on your cardio in your living room! Here’s how. Two-part workout: Part I: perform 2 […]

bodybuilding program

bodybuilding program for experienced athletes.?

1,643 ViewsA bodybuilding training program split into four is recommended for athletes who wish to take the next step. This is an advanced level bodybuilding program for experienced athletes, which allows you to achieve specific bodybuilding goals. Here’s how it works: four sessions per week, with each session working on one or two different body […]