What is the BEST bodybuilding PROGRAM.?


Many bodybuilding programs contain a multitude of  intensification techniques such as supersets, decreasing series or even forced repetitions.

You must know that these techniques of intensifications when they are used randomly, without precise reason, influence negatively on your progress.

In order to identify the best bodybuilding program, it is necessary above all to differentiate two essential things: the short-term effects and the medium and long-term effects.

Indeed, in the short term, we can progress with almost anything and everything. The slightest change can make you progress and give the impression that what you have just done is better for progress than what you did before.

For example, if I do a session in Superset, that I have great sensations (congestion, burns…) and that the following days, I am sore, I will deduce that I have had a better session.

This is forgetting something fundamental .?

2 – The best bodybuilding program – What about the medium and long term?

When we only think about the short term, we forget that the best bodybuilding program must be part of a logic of medium and long-term progression .

You should not consider the sessions as being alone and unique but as part of a whole that leads to a certain progression.

This is why most intensification techniques, which are short-term, are not part of the best bodybuilding program and certainly disrupt the implementation of your progression cycles after several weeks.

We could then console ourselves by telling ourselves that we have good feelings but it would still be preferable to progress.This is why what really leads to progress in the medium and long term is very different from the short term.aving a good execution technique, choosing the right exercises in relation to your morpho-anatomy ( to do your analysis ), allowing yourself some technical liberties without taking any risks in order to progress at the end of the cycle, here is, above all, what you must contain the best bodybuilding program.

3 – Does the best bodybuilding program take into account the shape of the day?

He has a bodybuilding mindset that insists on training on how he feels.

Thus, if we are in good shape, we will put on heavier, we will force more than if we are in a day without, in which case we will save money.

The problem being that to learn to know yourself and to really determine the shape you have, it takes years of experience.

If you are at a beginner or intermediate level in bodybuilding, you must train by following a global program that will allow you to progress regularly, where each session is part of a whole and not a single session, then a unique session… which in the end will not lead you anywhere except to stagnation, see regression.

There is not a single sport where you say to yourself the same day: “Hey, I’m in good shape, I’m going to change the session”. In any sport, sessions are scheduled in advance and are part of a coherent plan to progress.

It is obvious that one can modify the planned session if one does not feel fit or otherwise but this must be part of an exception and must not be a rule.carry out your bodybuilding programIn the short term, it can work very well like, for example, going to failure with each series ( Why not go there? ), but it is limited in time.

4 – The best bodybuilding program – A history of morpho-anatomy?

Finally, the best program must take into account your morpho-anatomy , your weaknesses, your mobility so that it best suits you.As you progress, your program must be personalized both in terms of the choice of exercises and the way you choose to progress on them.

For example, if you are part of the ” Gorilla family ” ( See the 6 major types of morpho-anatomy that I have identified ), you are not going to do the bench press trying to lower the bar to the neck to better locate at the top of the pecs but adapt the movement to your current mobility so as not to injure yourself and progress or change exercises altogether (which, in my experience, is a better solution).

Each person, depending on their morpho-anatomy, has exercises that work better for them than others ( To see the list )To conclude, remember that the best bodybuilding program must also take into account your constraint. It is useless to schedule 5 days of training per week when, most of the time, you can only do 3.If you want to follow the SuperPhysique Training (Without Commitment), do not hesitate to look at this.Rudy Coia has been practicing bodybuilding since 2001 and has been a bodybuilding coach since 2006.To date, he has trained several thousand people and has been French Athletic Strength Champion and French Bodybuilding Vice Champion.

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