Potential of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation [TMS] Therapy

160 ViewsPeople struggling with chronic depression are prescribed medications. Unfortunately, some people find it hard to gain relief even with high medication dosage. The condition is termed as treatment-resistant depression. Fortunately, advancement in medical technology has introduced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation [TMS] as an effective approach. It offers a unique way to manage depression and other […]

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How Sports Medicine Specialists can help you get back to your game

365 Views You’re a competitive athlete. You’ve just been sidelined by an injury. Your heart sinks as you consider the long, grueling process of recovery. You’re eager to get back on the field, but your body isn’t quite ready. There’s hope, though. Envision a team of professionals, well-versed in helping athletes like you. They’re experts […]

Cupping Therapy

The Cupping Therapy – The New Treatment for Pain

453 ViewsIn the previous handful of a long time, the health-related sector has turned in excess of a new leaf. Offered a choice, individuals are gearing much more towards different medication above allopathic drugs and invasive methods. Who would not if you are getting promised good health minus all the uncomfortable aspect consequences?. A single […]



1,104 ViewsWe speak of chronic pain when the pain occurs permanently or regularly in certain parts of the body. Many patients with chronic pain regularly use painkillers so that they can continue to live a normal daily life. The painkillers used are often synthetic, which is associated with major drawbacks. Everything is possible, from a […]