Native Cigarettes Vs. Commercial Cigarettes

Native Cigarettes Vs. Commercial Cigarettes

647 ViewsOne major distinction between Native and commercial cigarettes is the production method, ingredients, safety regulations, and cultural value of these two products. The resulting diversity explains some of the differences in health outcomes, economic consequences, and regulations. Production Methods Native Cigarettes: Therefore, they are usually not made by Indigenous people using modern methods. Such […]

Managing Alcohol Addiction

The Innovative Ways of Managing Alcohol Addiction

472 ViewsManaging alcohol addiction I not an easy task as many may think. Alcohol addiction is a chronic brain disease that requires constant care to discover the neuro biological elements of the condition.The addiction can lead to a life of misery if not addressed early. It is achieved through behavioral and detoxification rehab. It also […]

Therapy in Inpatient Rehab

The Presence of Peer and Alternate Therapy in Inpatient Rehabs

379 ViewsEach patient in an inpatient drug rehab program experiences the same things on a regular basis. They all strive for sobriety for the rest of their lives. When someone is surrounded by people fighting the same battle, they might find some moral strength. Recovery-minded patients might make enduring connections with people who relate to […]