bodybuilding program for experienced athletes.?


A bodybuilding training program split into four is recommended for athletes who wish to take the next step. This is an advanced level bodybuilding program for experienced athletes, which allows you to achieve specific bodybuilding goals.

Here’s how it works: four sessions per week, with each session working on one or two different body parts. To make your life easier, we have compiled the best exercises in a PDF program that you can download for free.

The 4-day split strength training program allows you to train all parts of the body over four sessions spread over the week. Dividing the workout into four allows for a greater recovery phase for each muscle group. It is still a sustained workout, ideal for experienced athletes.

Here’s what your week could look like with a 4-day split workout:?

A complete workout is important to reach your goal, but if the diet doesn’t follow along, your muscles may not have enough protein to grow. Muscle building is primarily achieved through daily protein intake , and you need to consume enough of it for your body to build new muscle.

Do you train a lot but don’t feel the effects or do you feel like you’re stagnating? It’s possible that  the problem is with your diet , not your workout. In this sense, we recommend  our protein products . They have been developed to provide you with all the nutrients you need, in all situations. For breakfast, our porridges and mueslis, for sweets, our snacks and other smart cooking, for your fitness goals, our protein shakes…  foodspring is with you every step of the way!

Recommended exercises for each muscle group.?

The 4-day split program will allow you to fine-tune your training, and to focus your training not on a single muscle group but on your whole body. The basic exercises  will allow you to create a solid muscular base. Isolation exercises  allow each muscle to be fine-tuned. Below is a table with a list of sample core and isolation exercises.Rowing with dumbbells or barbell.?Although there are a multitude of different exercises for each muscle group, it is best to stick to the basic exercises at first.  Follow this program and increase your weight load as often as possible  . This will activate muscle growth and progress in training little by little.

Thereafter, it will also be possible to combine the 4x program with other types of exercises (kettlebell, weighted bag, machines, etc.)To boost your training to the max, preparation is aminos before a 4x strength training program.Do you want to give the best of yourself during your  next training session  ? We have what you need:  our Energy .

Split 4 days: tips and tricks

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