Top 5 Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery That You Need to Know


Breast augmentation surgery, or breast implant, is a surgical procedure done to change the shape and size of a woman’s breast. In recent years, breast augmentation surgery has gained massive popularity as it boosts confidence and self-esteem. Owing to this, there are different myths and facts about this surgery. If you’re considering breast augmentation Toronto, we have you covered. This article will highlight the top 5 myths and facts about breast augmentation surgery. Here we go!

Top 5 Myths And  Its Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Myth 1. Breast implants result in health risk 

A common rumor about breast augmentation surgery is it causes health risks and chronic diseases like cancer. According to scientific studies and surveys, it can be said that there is no link between autoimmune diseases and breast implants.

Myth 2. Implants need to be replaced frequently

Modern breast implants are made using silicone which lasts longer and does not need frequent refilling or replacement. Implants must be replaced in conditions such as leakage, rupture, or capsule contraction. Visiting your surgeon regularly for reviews, including MRIs, breast exams, and more, is recommended.

Myth 3. Augmented breast feel and looks unnatural 

Another common thing around breast augmentation surgery is that the augmented breast looks unreal. Although, it was confirmed in the past as women went over the top with artificial implants. With the advances in technology and the rise in the need for more natural implants which can contour and shape natural breasts, surgeons go for realistic-looking implants which provide subtle results.

Myth 4. Breast augmentation affects breastfeeding 

According to reports, 98% of people do not experience bruising post-breast augmentation treatment. An experienced surgeon will undertake all required precautions to prevent internal bleeding during the surgery.

Myth 5. Breast augmentation surgery too risky

Unlike cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation surgery does not include major risk factors. In case you have any questions, ask questions to your surgeon.

Wrap Up!

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular surgical procedure commonly done in today’s time. However, various myths about this procedure must be broken before surgery. We hope this article helped you understand different myths and facts about Breast augmentation surgery.

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