Preventing and Managing Infections in Healthcare Facilities


The content highlights the risks patients face for healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) during their stays in healthcare facilities. It emphasizes that transmission of bacteria causing HAIs can occur through various sources, with a significant cause being the use of contaminated medical devices during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Other modes of transmission include improperly cleaned or maintained ice machines, table trays, assorted hospital equipment, and contaminated high-touch surfaces throughout the facility. The content underscores that patients can be exposed to germs on these surfaces through direct and indirect contact when proper sanitation procedures are not followed.

Healthcare Facilities

While not every mode of transmission is preventable, the content suggests that adherence to industry best practices can help reduce the high rate of infection. It encourages organizations, staff members, and patients to take steps to minimize the transmission of infections and diseases. Specific recommendations include patients following strict hand hygiene practices during their hospital stay, completing prescribed courses of antibiotics, and monitoring IV sites for redness, swelling, or leakage.

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