Here Are 5 Reasons You Are Not Building Muscle


If you have been going to the gym to exercise for some time now, you should at least notice some changes in your body. However, if nothing has changed, even after spending more than a month at the gym, there may be something you are not doing right. It could be you are doing the same exercise over and over, or you are doing it wrongly. You may need to increase the reps and sets, lift heavier, or start with compound movements. If you want to start getting visible results and begin building muscle, there are mistakes you should avoid. You could be making these mistakes, so you are not building muscle.

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So, here are six reasons you are not building muscle and how you can tweak your exercise routine to maximize the results.

1. You Are Not Changing Weights

If you have been lifting the 20-pound weight for a long time, it is time to move things up. You need to add stress to your muscles to repair and rebuild. This makes them stronger. If you are worried about your endurance and muscle power, try working up your beta-alanine. Understand what is beta alanine and use supplements to optimize its supply in the body. You can lift weights, endure, and work more, even in high-intensity exercise.

2. You Have Been Repeating the Same Moves

You may love lunges, squats, and overhead presses, but it may be time to tweak things if you are not getting results. Your movements are not bearing results because you are not giving your muscles time to heal and recover. If you keep repeating the same thing, your muscles don’t have a chance to build. Another reason you are not getting results is that muscles adapt quickly. Therefore, once you repeat the same moves, the muscles get used and no longer build.

3. You Have Not Added Reps

You could be getting no results when building muscle if you haven’t added your reps. If you want to boost strength, adding more reps will help. Doing around 20 to 25 reps, even with lighter weight, will give you the same results as someone using a heavier weight for ten reps. Ensure your muscles feel fatigued before you rest. The good thing about structuring your routine to your liking is that you can maintain consistency. That is what you need to start building muscle.

4. You Are Focusing More on Abs

Doing separate exercises for ads is okay. However, it may not be the best way to utilize your workout session. It is advisable to work out multiple muscles at a go. For example, squats, deadlifts, thrusters, and kettlebell swings may seem like not the best option for building abs. However, they are the best if you want to engage core muscles.

5. You Are Doing Too Many Cardio Workouts

Suppose you worry about cardio too much and do it first before anything else. In that case, you could be ruining your chance of building muscle. The best way to reduce fat and build lean muscle is to incorporate weights and do away with the numerous cardio sessions. Try three days of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions for better results.

To Wrap It Up

There are different reasons you are not getting results in your exercise to build muscle. So, recognize mistakes and do the right thing. Learn when to add weight and reps, and don’t focus on abs only.

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