Effects of Having Breast Reconstruction Surgery That Can Change Your Life


Because of increasing knowledge and earlier diagnosis, the percentage of people who can survive breast cancer has increased significantly over the past few decades. You can save your own life or the life of someone you care about by being familiar with the symptoms of breast cancer and by urging others to have frequent screenings.  

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If you have had breast tissue removed as part of your cancer therapy, you are probably curious about what comes next. You have a few options available for the reconstruction of your breasts, including using implants and your own tissues and fat.

The choice to get breast reconstruction after treatment for breast cancer is difficult, but a growing number of breast cancer survivors are going through with it from the best East Windsor, NJ breast reconstructive surgeon

When it comes to weight, fluctuations present a number of challenges. 

If you experience major weight gain or loss, your breast implants may begin to look uneven as a result.

There is a wide range of success rates associated with various rebuilding processes. When a patient has tissue flap breast reconstruction, the restored breast will gain the same weight as the patient. 

A type of breast reconstruction known as tissue flap reconstruction takes tissue from another part of the body and moves it to the affected breast. 

The unfortunate reality is that flap procedures are not appropriate for everyone. Women who smoke, have diabetes that is not well managed or have poor circulation are ineligible for treatment with this medication.

A greater sense of security 

After enduring cancer and its grueling treatment, a mastectomy leaves a lot of women dissatisfied with their appearance. This is especially true for women who have had their breasts removed. Your natural chest contour can be restored during breast reconstruction, removing the need to wear breast prostheses after the procedure. This will help you regain your self-assurance. 

Two years after breast reconstruction, women’s mental and social health improved, notably among those who opted for a tissue flap approach to breast reconstruction. 

No longer is the option to smoke available to anyone.

Smoking creates difficulties during the healing process by limiting the blood arteries that give oxygen to the tissues. This is in addition to the fact that smoking prevents women from undergoing breast reconstruction surgery.

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